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BAM Coffee
Specialty Coffee Shop in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

44 Nithsdale Rd, Glasgow G41 2AN

Located in the Southside of Glasgow, BAM is an independent specialty coffee (serving up espresso from guest roasters and homemade cake) and Vintage shop. As a multi roaster café, they love to showcase the variety of coffee from wonderful specialty roasters in Scotland, the UK and Europe. They have to have to great ethics, great customer service and great coffee to get selected. But what is BAM? Twin sisters from Glasgow, Elaine and Jen, created it in 2018 to combine their love of great coffee and vintage shopping. And what abou the name? It stands for Bunty And Margaret, the women responsible for inspiring their concept. Margaret, their Gran, is the one who taught them how to bake and the importance of a good cup of tea. Her sister, Bunty, is the reason they love a charity shop and all things vintage.

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