A Special(ty Coffee) Valentine's Day

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A Special(ty Coffee) Valentine's Day

Coffee Insurrection
Published by Tanya in Brewing Tools · 11 February 2021
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Three more days before Valentine’s Day, and maybe you haven’t yet figure out what will be the right present for your loved one.

Well, if she/he is not just in love with you but also with Specialty Coffee, here you’ll find some nice ideas…

(P.s.: this is just my personal suggestion, my wishlist… I’ve got some of these objects, and for some of them I’m still waiting for my boyfriend’s present… cross fingers for this Valentine’s Day!)

Comandante Grinder

Well, even if you’ve got only a slight interest in specialty coffee, you know for sure about Comandante. The “Grinder” with the capitol G. The specialty coffee barista wet dream. Made in Germany, crafted with the finest materials, is designed by and made for specialty coffee experts and connoisseurs. Its design is minimalist and captivating, and it comes in a bunch of different nuances. It’s reliable, it allows an even grinding of the coffee beans thanks to the burrs made of high-nitrogen stainless steel, and with his “click-system” is pretty easy to adjust the burrs for the perfect grind size for every recipe you wanna do.

And considering that you really need a nice Grinder to Brew an amazing specialty coffee also at home, this is the perfect present.

Really, the perfect one.

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

If your loved one has got the grinder already, now it’s the right time to think about a scale, and not the “normal” scale you can find in any kitchen. This one, first product made by Acaia and now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world, is much more than just a scale. It’s also a timer, it has an auto-start mode and an auto-tare mode, it can be paired with apps on your phone to upgrade its firmware and to monitor your times and graph your pour, and it’s chargeable via USB.


If you want to give your gf/bf something really beautiful and artistic, something useful but also a true masterpiece which you can actually find in museums across the globe, go for the Chemex. This coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by the eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, a dreamer that developed over 300 patents, whose focus was on making everyday objects more functional, attractive and enjoyable to use.

Designing the Chemex, he desired to not only make brewing the perfect cup simple, but also to have the vessel be a thing of beauty. Being a chemist, he studied and understood clearly the chemistry behind the extraction of flavor and caffeine from coffee beans.

For the Chemex design, he was inspired by the Bauhaus school of design and non-porous labware that would impart no flavor of its own. Using these elements he fashioned the hourglass shape that has now become an iconic part of American history: it has been recognized and awarded by both the scientific community as well as the art and design communities, and can be found in museums throughout the world (it’s included in the permanent collection at the MOMA, NYC)


Going a little bit cheaper, but still keeping it really interesting, you’ll find the Aeropress. Also its story, is quite a story. The company that still produces the lovely Aeropress was founded in 1984 by Alan Adler, a renowned inventor and retired Stanford University engineering instructor, to manufacture and sell his revolutionary sporting goods inventions, including the Aerobie Pro flying ring, which set a Guinness World Record for the longest throw.

In 2004 Alan began studying the coffee brewing process and analyzing coffee maker designs in order to create a truly innovative device that would brew a superior cup of coffee. At a coffee industry trade show in November, 2005, Aerobie debuted its breakthrough AeroPress coffee maker. What it’s quite funny, is that for over a decade the company flourished selling both Aerobie flying rings and the Aeropress coffee maker! The Aeropress brews a rich and smooth cup of coffee (both “American” and “Espresso” style), with low acidity and no bitterness, and with no grit in cup. It’s easy to clean and ideal for kitchen and camping. Plus, in case your lover has already got an Aeropress, you can choose the Aeropress Go, the ideal travel companion: everything fits into a mug (included in the box).

Everything produced by Hario or Kinto

Hario and Kinto are two Japanese companies famous worldwide: the two brands are synonymous with “good quality coffee”, and they’re also so damn’ stylish.

You’ll find for sure something (or a lot of things, depending on your annual income…) to buy for your loved one.

V60s, travel tumblers, cold brew bottles, cups and jugs, scales and grinders.

Everything you’re looking for, really.

A Coffee Subscription

Last but not least, let’s figure it: you’re gf/bf has got everything. Grinder, scale, V60, Aeropress, and so on.

Well, go for a coffee subscription.

Most of the roasters across the globe offer monthly subscriptions. The offer can be slightly different, but it usually include 2-4 bags of fresh roasted coffee (filter or espresso roast) to be dispatched to her/his place monthly. Every month something new, so your lover can drink every time something different, while keep remembering that you actually got her/him the subscription… pretty nice, uh?

Plus, you can pause or cancel the subscriptions at any time… you know, just in case.

Check our list of Roasters to find your favourite one!

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