David Stefanik: Coffee Insurrection Hero Chapter #57

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Coffee Insurrection
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David Stefanik: Coffee Insurrection Hero Chapter #57

Coffee Insurrection
1-Introduce yourself: who are you, where are you from, where do you work and what’s your job.
Hi my name is David, I am from Slovakia but I have worked in England for the last 4 years: here I have had various positions - from being a barista, trough being head barista and before I left I also worked as manager of the last coffee shop I worked at. I recently moved to Netherlands, where I am gonna work as barista at the coffee shop in Amsterdam.
2-When and why did coffee become important to you?
This is a good question. It could be almost 8 years now, when I realized that there are way more coffee than what I could get in my hometown. There is unfortunately still NO specialty coffee shop in my hometown. That is the reason why I moved to the capital Bratislava, and started working in a specialty coffee shop where I realized there so much into a cup of coffee then what I was thinking before.
3-Do you remember the first coffee you had that was more than “just a cup of coffee”?
I do (kind of) it was a coffee roasted by , a specialty coffee roastery from Slovakia, and I had it in the coffee shop I started working at in Bratislava. I think it was Costa Rica, but I would lie if I say that I’m 100% sure :D
4-What’s your favorite thing about going to work in the morning?
I’m enjoying the whole process from waking up, traveling to work with my music on and finally arriving and turning everything on, dialing in and enjoying my first cup of the day.
5-What’s your favorite brewing method and why?
It has to be V60. I really enjoy how simple it is to brew on it, it was here for ages and it will be even longer. Nothing fancy, just a good old brewer.
6-Which is the best coffee you ever tasted?
DEFINITELY Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Foundation Coffee Roasters. That’s the coffee I have stuck in my head and I will miss it forever :D

7-Is there a country of origin that you tend to favor coffee from? Why?
Ethiopia, I love fruity, acidic and funky coffees and light roasted Ethiopian coffee is just my cup of coffee.
8-Suggest us a roastery to check (not the one you working at/you use at work).
I would say to check Good Times Coffee Roasters and Sweet Beans Coffee. They are both Roasters from Slovakia, Bratislava. Always roasting great stuff and worth checking them out.
9-What’s the most important things you’ve learnt while working in the business?
Most important, hmmm... probably that there are so many baristas with so many opinions, but that if your is different, it doesn’t mean its wrong. Everyone is different and that is what makes the coffee scene so amazing.
10-How your work and the specialty coffee world are coping with Covid and the new challenges for hospitality?
It was definitely challenging to start with but, for example, I worked the whole pandemic even if it was just take outs and people really enjoyed the fact they could have at least something that felt kinda normal. But luckily now it’s all good, and world is coming back to senses (talking covid).
11-How do you see the specialty coffee scene in 10 ?
There are so many new things coming out on weekly basis so it is really hard to tell how it could be in 10 years time, but hopefully the Specialty coffee scene will be more appreciated and better paid because lets be honest…. It could and should be better.
12-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Probably having my own coffee shop hopefully somewhere by the beach. Or Mental Health institute, there is nothing between.
13-Any last word? Any tip or suggestion you wanna share with someone that want to start this path?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Internet is full of baristas that are dying to share their knowledge with people that are willing to listen. And keep trying, no one was a professional overnight. Love Yall

Instagram: @bayreesta

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