Era of We meets the Estates

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Coffee Insurrection
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Era of We meets the Estates

Coffee Insurrection
Published by Tanya in Era of We · 25 February 2022
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After our last piece about Era of We and how can roasters be part of it, we’ve received a lot of mail asking “And what about the rest? I’m a farmer, I own a coffee estate… how can I be part of it? What’s in it for me?”

Well, let’s start from the beginning.
Nowadays, the coffee industry poses many challenges for coffee producers and estates:

- There’s a low-value add in producing countries driving commoditization of coffee trade and only a fraction of value stays in producing countries.
- There’s a limited, or non-existent, go-to-market knowledge and barriers to attracting end-customers: many estates and farms lack the necessary capabilities and financial resources to create market reach and sell coffee under their own brands.
- Last but not least, sadly a lion’s share of farmers are operating at a loss, leading to limited investment in modernization of operations and threatening long-term sustainability of production.

Here’s where Era of We wants to change things: its purpose, for what concerns estates & farmers, is basically to support them with go-to-market initiatives, helping estates sell their own brands.

Era Of We wants to rebalance the coffee supply chain and this all begins with farmers. They recognize that farmers are the foundation of the coffee industry- without farmers growing the coffee, there would be nothing to sell and nothing to drink. That’s why helping farmers to make their businesses profitable and sustainable is key to the future of coffee. In addition, by empowering farmers to innovate, they also help the environment while improving the quality of coffee. In the end, a farmer-first approach is the change we need.

As an estate on the Era of We platform, you’ll never be without support. The following are just some of the Era of We benefits:

- Era of We will set out to increase the value of the coffee estate by helping estates create ownable brands based on distinct traits present in the coffee they produce.
- Let farmers set the prices of their own products, unlike the current system that relies heavily on commodity exchange market to determine price.
- Bring farmers closer to both roasters and end-customers
- Remote sensing data
- Era of We will provide communication services that include AI-enhanced chat services that will allow users across more than 100 languages to communicate without barriers.
- The Coffee Lab, an educational Q&A-based platform for stakeholders in the supply chain to learn, share vital information, enhance skills and discuss best practices – all with a focus on enabling the growth of businesses and the industry at large.

Era of We sees the coffee industry evolving in a manner parallel to that of the wine industry – where consumers seek out the coffee of specific estates for their characteristics, pedigree and process.

The biggest benefit for estates that we see is that Era Of We provides an all-in-one platform for estates that will help them streamline their business operations, coordinate easily with their partners, and promote their brand in a global market.

The digital transformation initiatives offered by Era Of We help estates to grow their online PR, increase their brand credibility, deepen their expertise, and improve their sales. By empowering farmers with these tools and capabilities, Era Of We can raise the value of coffee as a whole and give value back to farmers. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Head over to if you want to know more!

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