Era of We The Coffee Lab (An Insight)

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Era of We The Coffee Lab (An Insight)

Coffee Insurrection
Published by Tanya in Era of We · 17 January 2022
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In one of the latest posts about Era of We, we briefly mentioned The Coffee Lab as the perfect tool for anyone curious about coffee: basically, is an educational Q&A-based platform for stakeholders in the supply chain to learn, share vital information, enhance skills and discuss best practices – all with a focus on enabling the growth of businesses and the industry at large.

In simple terms, The Coffee Lab is the perfect platform for everyone involved to both share and learn. Each stakeholder on The Coffee Lab gets the chance to promote their brand or talk about their views by contributing articles, recipes, and answering or asking questions. This facilitates open discussion and communication, fostering trust between the different people involved in the coffee world. Roasters, cafes, and restaurants get a platform to directly interact with consumers and other partners, building trust and learning about customers first-hand.

On the other side, consumers and coffee afficionados will find the space to express their views, talk about their experiences, and learn more about coffee. It’s a win-win for everyone!
But what are the key features of The Coffee Lab?
What can you really do, once you decide that you want to be part of the community, and finally register to Era of We?
What follows is just a quick recap of the different parts of The Coffee Lab.

Era Of We

Q+A Forum

This is an open forum, in which you can ask any kind of questions regarding coffee. From recipes to different varietals, from brewing methods to how is the work in a farm… there’s nothing you cannot ask in the forum!
Plus, here you can read also other users questions, and the answers given both by coffee experts and simply coffee lovers.
And obviously, here you can also answer any question, sharing a piece of your knowledge with users that will read it from every corner of the world.
Brewing Guides

You’ve got the perfect recipe for the Espresso Martini? Or maybe a nice new way to use your AeroPress? You want everyone to know the joys Vietnamese or Mexican coffee? This is the perfect part where to share your recipe with everyone while, at the same time, take inspiration on what to brew next. This is also a great place for businesses to gather information on what coffee drinkers want to brew and consume.

This is the main part of The Coffee Lab, and for sure the largest in scope. Here you can talk basically about everything coffee-related- whether it’s about your own business, treands in the coffee industry, tips and tricks, coffee culture, and much more.

You simply need to choose a topic that interests you, and write about it.
From “How to freeze coffee beans” to “What is the Wush Wush”, from “The different type of coffee processing” to “Is coffee good for your health?”, here you can talk – and obviously read other’s posts already published – about everything. A major part of the posts here are also about the estates, roasters, and cafes on the platform
(, where their vision is highlighted and they get the opportunity to share their story and brand mission with the community.

What if you want to collaborate to The Coffee Lab, but you don’t know what to talk about? Or maybe you want to write in a language other than English?
Well, there are many other ways to help, first of all helping with the translations.
Yes, you heard it right. One of the most ambitious ideas behind The Coffee Lab is its accessibility, especially for languages.

If you want to help the community, simply pick an article (or a recipe, or a question) that you like, and translate it into your language so more people can read it! And more, be published under your name, helping you to empower your image / company image in the coffee community.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Classes & Videos
This is an upcoming feature in The Coffee Lab which will showcase unique classes and educative videos by established coffee experts.
This will for sure become one of the key tools of The Coffee Lab, helping everyone to deepen their own coffee-related knowledge.
Promoting your business
Through The Coffee Lab, people and businesses can also promote themselves to the coffee community; both through direct posts about themselves, but also simply just sharing their own knowledge.

The Coffee Lab can be a strong contributor for both producers and roasters by enabling them to define their brand voice through content surrounding coffee culture, trends, best practices, daily, issues, etc. The Coffee Lab supports content in 8 different languages and gives you the opportunity to chat with the writers and users in +100 languages with an automatically translation thanks our AI function , get to know them, and become potential partners. For consumers, they can learn from experts while participating and curating coffee trends from around the world.

All these are the reasons why The Coffee Lab is definitely one of the coolest tools of the whole Era of We platform, the one that will help you getting in contact with potential buyers, sellers, or simply with new players in the community, from all around the world.

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