Everyone, meet Era of We

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Everyone, meet Era of We

Coffee Insurrection
Published by Tanya in Era of We · 27 September 2021
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Everyone, meet Era of We: an Introduction

If you’re following us for a while, it should be clear now that we consider ourselves rebels. We try to stand against any kind of injustice, against exploitation of the poorest by the richest, against inequalities of any kind, and we try to stand for the environment and for sustainability.

That’s why when we accidentally stumbled into Era of We, we instantly fell in love.

We’re going to talk quite a lot about it in the next months and we’re pretty sure the rest of the specialty coffee community will also do the same.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Who is Era of We?
Era of We is a company based in Sweden, officially launched on June 21st 2021. Its purpose is pretty simple: to shape the future of coffee and bring happiness to the community.

What is it all about?
Era of We is focused on connecting the world’s largest coffee community, with the final purpose being transforming the economics of the supply chain for good. They want to create a movement driven by a community that cares deeply about where coffee comes from, that believes in the product quality, and that’s ready to fight for the future of coffee to ensure it is sustainable, profitable and has longevity (for farmers, consumers and everyone in-between).

Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?
What really appeals us is that the purpose of Era of We is simply to create a balance where everything is not.
Because let’s face it: as it stands now, there is an imbalance in the supply chain, and the current pricing mechanism is controlled by external factors, which makes it difficult for farmers to break even on the cost of production, leaving many struggling to survive.
And this doesn’t seem right, not at all.

And that’s not the only reason why Era of We got us instantly.
The focus on the community seems really genuine, and you can get this just having a look at the website.

First, how cool is the idea behind the Coffee Lab section of the website?
From what we understood, The Coffee Lab is an educational Q&A-based platform for everyone involved in the project (but also for everyone simply interested in learning something more) to learn, share vital information, enhance skills, and discuss best practices – all with a focus on enabling the growth of businesses and the industry at large.
And there’s also a Chat function that can help everyone to communicate directly with one another, no matter where anyone is in the world, with the goal to share, discuss, learn and grow from each other.

Having said that, we’re going to dig some more into Era of We in the coming months, so keep following us to know more!

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