Our Caffeinated Road Trip 2 - Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster Canngu Bali

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Coffee Insurrection
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Our Caffeinated Road Trip 2 - Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster Canngu Bali

Coffee Insurrection
Published by Tanya in Our Caffeinated Road Trip · 1 April 2021
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Figure this out.
Half a day spent on the beach enjoying the sun, enjoying life.
A couple of hours on a surfboard and the rest just chatting, swimming, walking with your toes in the sand.
And then you want coffee.
You crave for a cup of coffee.
It’s like 3pm and it’s been so long since your last cup of coffee that, you have to admit, was also pretty bad.
So you decide it’s time to go on a mission and check that specialty coffee roaster you read about online, that seemed so nice.

It’s not far from the beach, not even a mile, but walking a mile in Canngu, Bali, could be like teetering on the brink of the abyss.
Tons of cars and scooters crowd the main road, sidewalks are nowhere to be seen, and you have to walk in single file, hoping that your personal saint won’t look the other way.
You cannot even grab your boyfriend’s hand because you’re pretty sure it would mean sudden death.
And then you see the sign with a cute bird and a cup of coffee, and you read the name “Hungry Bird” and you know you made it, except…

Coffee Roaster
Except you have to cross the street, and that’s bad, but you wanna do it, you need to do it… damn’ you can smell coffee from where you stand!
Your boyfriend grabs your hand and you run across the street, almost stunned by ceaseless car horns, dodging approaching vehicles, just praying to stay alive.
And then you succeed.

You’ve reached your final destination.
Specialty Coffee Roasters

At that point you’re also starving. You grab the menu and look for a hearty snack: choco-banana pancakes for you, eggs benedict for him.
Then, it’s finally time to choose your coffee. The menu reads “Single origin coffee, seasonal. Your choice of Indonesian Coffee: Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi, Java”.
You ask for the daily offer and they tell you about their V60, a Kintamani Natural, harvested up on the Balinese’s mountains and roasted by the home team from “Hungry Bird”.
You’re pretty excited about it, because you were up on those mountains just a couple of days before, visiting farms, and you definitely wanna try it.
Specialty Coffee

And now, it’s an emotional roller-coaster. Technically speaking, its (probably) not even a specialty coffee, or at least you cannot find its score anywhere, but who cares.
The coffee is awesome, one of the best you ever tried until that moment, and you’re pretty sure you’re gonna remind it for so long.
It’s quite unique, because you don’t often see natural process coffees from Bali, and it’s got a super creamy sweetness and a predominant berry flavour, with low acidity and a full, jammy body.

Plus, the food is nice and the atmosphere is friendly, and it takes you just a sip of coffee to understand this will be “your” place while in Canggu.

The place where to drink an awesome cup of coffee.
The place where to have a huge and yummy breakfast before jumping on your surfboard.
The place where to relax, and enjoy life.

Specialty Coffee

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