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Coffee Insurrection
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Where Are We Going

Coffee Insurrection
Three months into our Coffee Insurrection project.
What’s new?
Winter has given way to a chill spring, and Covid-19 still strikes around the world, but things are hopefully starting to go better.
Coffee shops are slowly reopening; paper take-away cups will soon be just a bad dream and we’re finally gonna go back to drink coffee in its proper vessel.
A nice ceramic cup, maybe a trendy glass so similar to the one used for wine, or an old school rock glass.

But it doesn’t matter. What really matter is that, pretty soon, we’re gonna sit in our favorite café, or maybe in our next-new-favorite café, enjoying a flavorsome pour-over, a refreshing iced latte or a classic – but never, never burned – double espresso.
And we’re slowly gonna start travel again, visiting new places and new exciting coffee shops… and maybe even move somewhere else, who knows!

Life is full of opportunities and dreams, and you know what?
Baristas (and roasters, owners, and so on) never give up… the world is ours, and we’re gonna take it.

But what about Coffee Insurrection?
Where are we going?
The support and appreciation from people from kinda everywhere is huge, and we’re so grateful to everyone; so happy to be part of this “special” Specialty Coffee Community.
Yep, because for us our community is the key to everything, we are so many different individuals and everyone of us is special, and we all can do so much for the community.

That’s what’s behind our “Coffee Insurrection Heroes” series.  
The same 13 questions to everyone, not only baristas and roasters but also founders, bloggers, small and big champions and everyone involved – even a little bit – in the Specialty Coffee world.
We love to ask the same questions to everyone because we love the idea of showing all the similarities and all the differences in our community.
We’re interviewing amazing human beings from around the world and – no spoiler here – you’ll find people from Canada, Belgium, Sweden… even from a place so far and so cool as Hawai’i.

But obviously there will be much more in our blog.  
While listing places, we found so many cool realities we wanna talked about!  
Like , a non-profit specialty coffee organization that promotes the well-being of the refugee community in the United States.  
Or , a social enterprise where people living with disabilities are paid a living wage to roast and package specialty coffee.  
And there are producers to talk about, and new projects, and coffees…
For instance, did you know that Kona coffee – the Hawaiian coffee so often overpriced and counterfeit – is today treat as a specialty coffee from a steadily growing number of farms and roasters?

Specialty Coffee Shop in Bali

And we’ll also continue with “Our Caffeinated Road Trip” series. We’ve got Intelligentsia Coffee (Venice Beach), Blue Bottle (Kyoto), Seniman Coffee (Ubud), Idobata Coffee Stand (Kamakura), and many more stops to talk about.

And then, there’s our database.
We’re gonna of course continue listing café and roaster from around the world.
Wellington, Amsterdam, Cape Town and Edinburgh are on the way, and many more are gonna come soon.  
If you’ve got a city to suggest us, please do it!   
The world is so full of specialty coffee that every time we have to choose a new town, it’s a big decision.

Last but not least, there are new things in our future.
A new super cool job, months far away from home… and this will hopefully bring us to visit new cafés and roasters, to meet old and new friends, to learn and discover something new every day.

And you will read about it pretty soon, it’s a promise.
We’ve still got so much more to explore together… the two of us, and all of you that so kindly supports and follows us.

Thanks so much for being part of the Coffee Insurrection Community.

Specialty Coffee Roasters Japan

Pics @Tanya

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