Café Dede's. Cafe in Lisbon, Portugal - Specialty Coffee Shop

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Café Dede's
Specialty Coffee in Lisbon
Specialty Coffee Shop

R. de Sant'Ana à Lapa 33, 1200-796 Lisbon, Portugal

Rua de Santo Amaro 72, Lisbon, Portugal

An Australian cafe with two locations serving all day brunch and specialty coffee. The food is inspired by the owner’ life and travels in Australia & Asia, made with seasonal, fresh, ingredients from their local grocer. They have plenty of vegetarian & vegan options and are famous for their okonomiyaki, banana bread and housemade pickles. Chef Dede is Portuguese-Brazilian and has been cooking for over 15 years. He has worked all over the world, he’s classically trained but he has been cooking and experimenting with fresh, healthy, plant-based foods in recent years. The menu at the cafe reflects this, with innovative, healthy, brunch & lunch options that are mostly vegetarian.
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