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Friedhats Coffee

Specialty Coffee roasters in Amsterdam
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Bos en lommerweg 136, 1055ED, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Friedhats Fuku Café)

Nieuwe Hemweg 36, 1013 CX Amsterdam

Friedhats is a micro roastery based in Amsterdam: their focus is on providing consistent, high quality roasted coffee beans for customers, cafes, restaurant, office or any other business where coffee is needed. They source coffee based on flavour, roasting it to accentuate its natural characteristics. Their philosophy? They only want to sell coffee that tastes great, consistently and with transparency and honesty. They believe in sustainability, searching for better solutions to make their products have less impact on the environment and everything living in it. They want their packaging to be reused, refilled and at the very least recycled. They want their coffee to always taste great, no matter who makes it. But most of all, they want customers to get as much enjoyment from its flavour as they do! In September ‘18, Friedhats opened its first cafe - FUKU - located in Bos en Lommer in the west of Amsterdam. Here they serve their specialty coffee as a filter or espresso, plus few Super Special, competition grade coffees (experimental processes, Gesha varieties and funky/boozy coffees). To compliment the coffee they offer a range of cakes and pastries, croissants, house made granola, some light eats, good beers from brewers around world and natural wines.
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