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Give It a Shot
Specialty Coffee in Lisbon
Specialty Coffee Shop

Rua Dom Luís I 22, 1200-109 lisbon, Portugal

Give it a Shot Pop Up Specialty Coffee - Cidade, 1600-209 Lisboa, Portugal
Give it a Shot, focuses on specialty coffee turned to a "pop up" concept, and basic level Barista workshops. She is a barista based in Lisbon, trying to spread the lonely “art” of being a coffee geek. With a passion for teaching and sharing (and learning) knowledge in specialty coffee, especially at a time when it is growing in Portugal. She brings the London experience with her, and with it she hopes to attract Portuguese people to something new, and foreigners to something that is familiar to them. In this pop up concept, only access to electricity is needed, and a free space. Passing through the espresso, the very unpalatable Latte Art, and the mesmerizing filter coffee, they can bring to anyone’s space a great atmosphere, a trendy spirit and the chance to participate in a different project.
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