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Good Beans Coffee

Specialty Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Binnen Oranjestraat 4, 1013 JA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
It’s coffee, not caviar. Good Beans is a groovy little coffee spot (with roastery), and they think specialty coffee should be more approachable. They don't like snobby specialty brands. So they made their own. That’s what they say “While we've made huge leaps in sourcing and roasting coffee over the years, minimalist branding and snobby attitudes have slowed our spread. New-age coffee bars and monotonous design snarkily whisper the same thing: good coffee is for the few. Our polite response? Fuck that. Inspired by our first origin partners at the female-run Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative Society in the rolling hills of Rwanda, we're determined to share our beans and their story with anyone and everyone who likes good products made by good people.”
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