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Higher Land Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Berkeley
Specialty Coffee Roaster

They come from different backgrounds, work in different fields, and speak different languages, but together, they are the creators of Berkeley’s native micro-roaster, Higher Land Coffee. Sabrina (a graphic designer and visual artist based in the Bay Area) is the Co-Founder & Creative Director; Lobsang (he studied Motion Picture & Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and while being a freelance filmmaker in the Bay Area for nearly a decade, he has worked as a barista in various places up and down the California coast where he learned the intricate mechanics of roasting,
brewing, and serving premium coffee) is the Co-Founder & Coffee Aficianado, Photographer, & Videographer. And there’s Taoyan (the cat): she is the Real Boss. She is mysterious and a master in her own right. She governs Higher Land Coffee from beyond the office, and she will always be a valued member of our team. They roast small batches of top quality beans and carefully nurture them to bring out their best flavor profile. Their beans are organically farmed, naturally processed, and fair-traded from independent farmers who grow in beautiful regions throughout the world. Their work began as a side project for which they both shared an incendiary passion. They set out to improve public health by offering pure, organic coffee. They took it upon themselves to source only ecologically sound beans that would help preserve rather than harm the planet. They endeavored to create a product and a brand that would bring people together and strengthen their community.
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