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Intelligentsia Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in NYC
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

180 10th Ave at 20th St New York, NY 10011 (High Line Hotel Coffee Bar)

One Idlewild Drive New York, NY 11430 (Intelligentsia Coffee TWA Hotel)

594 Broadway Suite 909A New York, NY 10012 (Intelligentsia Coffee New York Training Lab)

and more...
Intelligentsia Coffee in New York: Elevating the Coffee Experience

There Mission

Purpose and Philosophy

Intelligentsia Coffee is driven by a mission to make extraordinary coffee an agent of change. This purpose is deeply rooted in their philosophy and values, which guide them in creating exceptional coffee experiences. Intelligentsia’s dedication to delivering the world’s best coffee involves a collaborative effort among farmers, employees, and customers, all striving to achieve a memorable and enriching coffee experience.

Delivering Quality

Commitment to Excellence

Intelligentsia Coffee is committed to delivering the highest quality coffee. This commitment extends from the farms where the coffee is grown to the cups in their Coffeebars. The company’s approach is meticulous, ensuring that every step of the coffee production process is executed with precision and care.
The Extraordinary Coffee Workshop

The Extraordinary Coffee Workshop (ECW) is a testament to Intelligentsia’s dedication to quality. Each year, Intelligentsia brings together its Direct Trade partners from around the world to explore what makes coffee extraordinary. This event includes visits to award-winning farms, hands-on learning at quality-focused mills, and discussions with experts across various fields.

Always Innovating

Embracing Curiosity and Innovation

Intelligentsia Coffee is never afraid to ask questions, try new things, and admit that they are constantly learning. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement ensures that they continue to produce extraordinary coffee through hard work, skill, and curiosity.

Quality by Design

The process of creating great coffee is deliberate and requires a meticulous approach. From roasting to blending to brewing, Intelligentsia’s Quality by Design philosophy ensures that each step is executed with precision to deliver coffees that are unforgettable.

Celebrating Coffee

Elevating the Coffee Experience

Intelligentsia Coffee works to change the way the world understands and experiences coffee. By celebrating coffee’s agricultural origins and the dedicated professionals behind it, they elevate a daily ritual into a culinary experience.

Defining Quality

Intelligentsia has a deep understanding of coffee’s sensory attributes, focusing on key indicators like sweetness, acidity, and clarity to judge a coffee’s quality. Their rigorous evaluation process ensures that every cup of coffee meets their high standards.

Fomenting Change

Positive Impact Through Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee embraces its responsibility to create positive change in the world. Using extraordinary coffee as their tool, they challenge traditional beliefs to create economic opportunities and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equality.

The Intelligentsia Fund

The Intelligentsia Fund represents the company’s commitment to social impact. It supports organizations and movements that align with their values, such as Black Lives Matter and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, encouraging employees to participate actively in these causes.

Community Investments

Strengthening the Coffee Community

Intelligentsia Coffee makes significant investments each year to strengthen the coffee community and serve the communities where they operate. Their efforts include supporting coffee growers and farmworkers through their Direct Trade model and expanding their social impact initiatives in the United States.
World Coffee Research

Securing the Future of Specialty Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee supports World Coffee Research, an industry-led platform for collaborative investment in coffee research. This initiative addresses the challenges of coffee farming, especially in the face of climate change, ensuring the future of specialty coffee.

Roasting and Blending

The Art and Science of Coffee

Roasting coffee is a transformative process that requires skill and precision. Intelligentsia’s approach to roasting and blending is likened to culinary alchemy, where each choice impacts the final flavor profile. Their dedication to quality control ensures that every batch of coffee meets their high standards.

A Conversation with Director of Coffee Sam Sabori

Sam Sabori, Intelligentsia’s Director of Coffee, plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and consistency of their coffee. His insights into roasting, blending, and quality control highlight the meticulous care that goes into every cup of Intelligentsia coffee.


Experience Intelligentsia Coffee in New York

Intelligentsia Coffee’s presence in New York brings their extraordinary coffee experience to the city. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and positive change, Intelligentsia continues to set the standard for specialty coffee. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or a curious newcomer, visiting an Intelligentsia Coffeebar in New York promises a unique and enriching coffee journey.
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