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Kurasu Singapore
specialty coffee roasters in singapore


Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

261 Waterloo Street #01-24 (8,479.55 mi) , Singapore 180261

Kurasu is a Japanese specialty coffee company, founded by former Goldman Sachs banker, Yozo Otsuki . The company started as an online store showcasing Japanese homeware in Australia (Kurasu means “to live” or “lifestyle” in Japanese), and then it became an international coffee business with a focus on Japanese crafted coffee and equipment.
With the idea that Japanese mentality and care toward the art of coffee matches no other, Kurasu specialises in the Japanese way of coffee: their beans are roasted in Japan by artisan roasters, and shipped fresh weekly on an express package, taking 2 days to reach Singapore from their cafes in Kyoto. They also sell specially design coffee equipment that bear the signature clean and minimalist style.
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