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Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee roasters in Amsterdam
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Kinkerstraat 112, 1053 ED Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born in Sidney, raised in Brooklyn, roasting in Amsterdam. Lot61 is where the salty scene of Bondi and Venice intersects the grit and grind
of Carlo and Williamsburg. It’s a specialty coffee roasters who’s goal is to realize a vision by following an itch to discover and be the best. They left home with a sense of adventure in search of a more fulfilling life: exploring new places, ideas and influences puts a spring in their step. They’re at their imaginative best when they’re using their hands to ply their craft - doing things as they should be done. But they do what they do for the people. Nothing brings they more joy than firing up the roaster, opening the doors and serving the community.

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