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2 Degrees North Coffee Co.
Specialty coffee roasters in Singapore


Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

146 Neil Road, Singapore 088875 (The Populus Café)

A passionate and progressive specialty coffee roaster in Singapore since 2015, committed to seasonality and traceability, they partner with the very best specialty coffee importers to source top quality green coffee beans. They dedicate themselves to innovating and to understand better and explore the extraordinary depths of specialty coffee and share the adventure of the coffee experience with their wholesale and retail partners locally and beyond. They bring customized coffees to every type of commercial organization such as workspaces, offices, hospitality and retail spaces. Their flagship gastro-cafe, The Populus: Coffee & Food Co., serves an eclectic spread of contemporary dishes daily that draws influences and flavours from all over the world along with their Roastery’s entire line up of seasonal specialty coffees.
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