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About Us

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Endri & Tanya

Specialty coffee chemex
About Us
We’re Tanya and Endri, originally from Italy but citizens of the world.
Specialty Coffee lovers and travel addicted; at this exact moment in time an unemployed
barista (thanks, Covid-19!) that loves to write, and an unemployed chef (same reason)
that’s also a first time web developer.
After many years of thinking about this project, we finally found the right mood (and a
lot of time) to begin it.

Why Is This An Insurrection?
Let’s be honest: the world is full of bad coffee.
Really bad coffee.
Burned espressos, watery americanos, creamy-fatty-sugary beverages that have nothing
in common with the coffee itself.
But, things are changing pretty fast, at last.
Thanks to the so called “Third Wave of Coffee”, and thanks to a growing interest in
quality products, single origins, and so on, nowadays we can find a cup of good coffee in
the most unlikely places.
That’s what we’re witnessing lately: a real “Coffee Insurrection”.

Our Purpose
What’s our goal, our purpose? It’s pretty simple. We love our community, our so called
“Coffee Tribe”, and we want it to be even tighter.
We want this virtual space to be a useful tool to everything Specialty-Coffee related.
A nice café where you can drink a damn’ good cup of coffee.
The last cool roastery from a town far far away, and its online store where to buy that
awesome bag of Ethiopia.
But also a marvelous recipe for Aeropress, the interview at that cool barista and some
random idea.
All of it, thanks to your precious suggestions.

How To Help Us
As we said before, this isn’t just our website; this should be our coffee tribe’s website.
That’s why we need you!
Did you just discovered a cool specialty coffee shop?
Or maybe a new roastery?
Did you take some nice pics in your last coffee trip?
Do you want to share your favorite recipe, or the amazing coffee you just drank?
Well, just send us a mail or a message.
We really need your help!

We are a constant work in progress.
Everything on this website and on the linked Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages is
the result of our trips, our knowledge and your very welcomed suggestions.
We’re trying to stick to reality as much as we can, but we’re gonna have (for sure) wrong
addresses, misspelled names, typos and grammatical errors, and so on: let us say (in
advance) that we’re sorry for everything that will be wrong in these pages.
For what concern pics, we’re going to use ours and the one you send us, plus some
taken from the web whenever we cannot avoid it.
In any case, the copyright of the photographs remains property of the author.
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