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Africa House Brighton
Specialty coffee in Brighton
Specialty coffee

136-137 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JH UK

Based on London Road, Brighton, Africa House serves coffee, tea, cold drinks and a variety of snacks. It also makes its spaces available for meetings and events. Where possible, everything is either sustainably sourced from Africa or is made according to traditional African recipes. Sharing a part of Africa with customers is the reason why the café exists. The coffee is ethically sourced by Falcon Coffees and roasted by Pharmacie Coffee Roasters; it is produced by small-size farms and from a range of African countries. Their traditional drinks are those drunk on special occasions, such as the celebration of marriage engagements, the presentation of dowries, at weddings, or as part of meetings with village elders. They include bissap, baobab, and ginger juices. There’s also a small library available to all who use Africa House. Every book here is either about Africa and / or written by African authors.

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