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Back to Black

Specialty Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Weteringstraat 48, 1017SP Amsterdam ((Amsterdam Center)

Van Hallstraat 268, 1051HM Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)

Poortland 6, 1046BD Amsterdam (Roastery & Bakery)

Back to Black is an Amsterdam based company existing out of a coffee roastery, two coffee bars, a little bakery and an SCA training academy. It was founded by Noortje Vlutters and Inge Bulthuis in 2014; the following year they started to roast their own coffee and in 2017 they opened the bakery, right over the roastery.  They base their business choices on sustainability. This includes everything, from biological detergent to a green energy supplier. For them it’s important to base the choices you make not only on yourself, but also on the world and the people around you.
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