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Boxx Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Boxx Coffee Roasters - 950 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

BOXX coffee was founded by way of curiosity and passion. The endless variations of beans, regions, roasting techniques, time and pouring methods would scare most coffee enthusiasts away from getting into the business. Instead, like mad scientists, the pursuit of perfection drove the founders of BOXX deeper into the wonderful world of coffee. BOXX was founded in Turkey by Altug Baser and Mert Soley in 2014. Arda Barlas joined a few years later to help launch the first US cafe in Los Angeles They each had their own respected coffee shops previously, and Altug had a roastery. Altug met Mert at his coffee shop, The Cup, over delicious roasted beans and equally fine wine. A year later, they serendipitously ran into each other in a roasting class. After a few more conversations, and sharing the common ground being ready for change, they decided to launch BOXX with a focus on roasting beans.
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