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Brewpoint Coffee

Specialty Coffee Roasters in Elmurst
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

124 W Park Ave., Elmhurst, IL 60126 (Founders Café)(Brewpoint Coffee Elmhurst)

617 N York Rd. (facing Crestview), Elmhurst, IL 60126 (Workshop & Roastery)(Brewpoint Craft Elmhurst)
125 S Prospect Ave, Elmhurst, IL 60126 (in the Elmhurst Public Library)(Lexicon Cafe)
Melissa, Co-Owner with her partner Angelo, tells the story of Brewpoint. “We started the dream for Brewpoint Coffee in all the wrong ways - only six months into dating, both unemployed, we had no business plan in order and minor coffee experience. The journey began with me uprooting my corporate life to do community work in the Philippines. While Angelo was home in the States, he pushed me to dream bigger and out of my comfort zone. I decided to take his advice, and with no idea what direction to go but with all the inspiration and support, the dream of Brewpoint Coffee was created. When I first got home from the Philippines, I searched Craigslist to find an espresso machine and began developing what Angelo and I thought was a three year plan to open up a coffee shop. By surprise we not only found an espresso machine but a coffee shop for sale that seemed too perfect to pass up. That coffee shop is now where we call home to our first location, Brewpoint Coffee-Founders.” Six years later, they’ve got a specialty coffee roastery, three café and they’re still expanding while keeping the company rooted in the community.
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