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Bricks & Mortar
Specialty Coffee Shop in Berlin, Germany
Specialty Coffee Shop

Voigtstraße 42, 10247 Berlin, Germany
Coffee connects. Over a cozy cup people fall in love, business deals are made and friendships formed. Over a warm coffee we talk, we laugh, we cry. In essence, coffee is all about friendship and Bricks & Mortar is a place where such connections are built. From sustainably sourced specialty coffee through local roasters, beer from a small local brewer, right down to the local artists on display and the musicians who perform; friendship and community are built into the ethos here - brick by brick, fittingly, by two close friends who go back decades (Timothy Price and Adrian Säuberlich have been friends since their high school days in New Zealand). Friendship and community are more than a phrase here. Bricks & Mortar enjoys close connections to its suppliers. The coffee is sourced sustainably from independent farmers. The coffee roaster, the beer brewer, the art on the wall, a lot of the musicians that occasionally play – all local heroes. Even during construction, friends and neighbors pitched in a great deal. Stone for stone.
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