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Casino Mocca kávépörkölő
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Budapest
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Hunyadi János út 3-G épület, 1117 Hungary


As participants in barista competitions they felt the scene lacked a knowledgable and consistent local roastery that was willing to be progressive and experimental instead of merely catering to mass appeal tastes. They grew restless and decided to finally create it themselves in 2013. Casino Mocca is now considered to be the leading new-wave coffee roastery of Hungary, and their coffees are now known across Europe. They believe there is a rapidly growing appetite for high quality coffee experiences, and they believe their passionate and educated approach to coffee and roasting can help fulfill this appetite. They are dedicated to continuously learning and improving in the field of coffee roasting, and this attitude has helped them grow their hobby into their profession.
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