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Companion Tea and Coffee
Specialty Coffee Shop in Berlin, Germany
Specialty Coffee Shop

Weserstraße 166, 12045 Berlin, Germany (Tea room and café)
Companion was born as an espresso and tea bar in the corner of a high-end clothing store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district in early 2013. The two owners, Shawn and Chris, were informed by their own diverse histories in specialty coffee formed in their native cities of Vancouver and Perth before meeting behind bar in Berlin. Shortly after establishing the company, they quickly evolved their approach to incorporate directly sourced single batch teas and fell deep into the rabbit hole that opened up around this ancient and revered hot beverage. Thy opened their own independent tea room and cafe in neighbouring Neukölln, a short cycle away from the original Voo Store location (sadly closed after the first Covid lockdown in spring '20).
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