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Do Beco Padaria Artesanal & Brunch
Specialty Coffee Shop

R. Passos Manuel 106A, 1150-053 Lisbon

Specialty Coffee shop in Lisbon
In the midst of the 2020 blockade in Lisbon, Pão do Beco has emerged as a beacon of craftsmanship. Facing the challenges of a pandemic, António, an experienced chef, found solace and inspiration in the world of slow fermentation. What began as a humble pastime, sharing homemade bread with family and friends, quickly evolved into a full-fledged passion project.

As demand increased, António sought a partner for his culinary journey. Lourenço, his younger brother with a background in hotel management and a global perspective from his time in Canada, arrived. Lourenço's quick return to Lisbon marked a pivotal moment for Pão do Beco, taking it from a hobby to a thriving business.

Pão do Beco is defined by its commitment to the art of baking, the story of two passion-driven brothers, and its dedication to creating exceptional artisanal bread.
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