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Drumroaster Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Cobble Hill, BC
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

1400 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cobble Hill, BC V0R 1L3, Canada
Drumroaster Coffee is a family owned and operated coffee roastery and café in Cobble Hill, BC, serving specialty coffees since 2007. The Oglend family has been involved in the coffee industry for a really, really long time. Geir installed his first espresso machine in 1972, making their collective time involved with coffee around 70 years. Geir continued in the industry, owning a number of cafes and learning to expertly repair espresso machines and successfully build sustainable, community-focused, vibrant businesses. Carsen and Courtney both grew up working in cafes and today, have expanded their knowledge into different facets of Drumroaster Coffee. Carsen has evolved from a cruise ship/session musician into a coffee roaster, focusing on ethically sourcing and purchasing exceptionally nice coffees. Courtney, after some years in University, decided she preferred teaching over taking notes and now conducts all of their barista training programmes. Patricia works furtively behind the scenes, perfecting recipes for the treats to go with coffee and keeping everyone efficiently organized. Last but certainly not least is local fly-fishing celebrity, Andy, whose organizational prowess in their roastery, friendliness, and beard, rounds out the management team.
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