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Fine Bagels
Specialty Coffee Shop in Berlin
Specialty Coffee Shop

Warschauer Str. 74, 10243 Berlin, Germany

The earliest record of a bagels in Fine family lore is from 1897, when the great-great grandfather, Hyman (ne Chaim) Cooper declared that he was moving from Warsaw to New York City because "The bagels are better." The rest of the family soon abandoned its small challah bakery and moved to the New World as, indeed, the bagels were better in America. Four generations later, the family remains both devoted and fussy about bagels. In 2013, Fine Bagels opened its doors in Berlin and has been rolling, boiling, and baking authentic NY bagels ever since. Their mission is to make wonderful bagels and the scrumptious treats of the Jewish-American bakery and to maintain their food traditions and heritage in this new-old-world. They also serve specialty coffee and they sits inside the famous Shakespeare & Sons bookshop.
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