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Specialty Coffee in Brussels
Specialty Coffee Shop

Rue des Princes 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Mathias, the head-chef of Frank, started out from student to photographer, from photographer to architect and architect to Chef. And Chef it is. Marianne, passionate about coffee and food, worked in Australia at Seven Seeds coffee and was also a barista at Or in Brussels. Mathias and Marianne opened a franchise of OR coffee in Etterbeek. This is where they learned the tricks and trades of having their own coffeeshop. They both moved to Australia for a year, where their passion for coffee and food grew and grew.
They started thinking about opening up a coffee bar in Brussels - and the idea of Frank was born. A coffee bar where an australian style breakfast would be served. They aim to source organic, local & seasonal produce as much as they can. Almost everything is made from scratch - yoghurt, pesto, cheesecake,… This is how they can serve up the best quality. Ever wondered why it’s named 'Frank'? It's actually a reference to the old coin of Belgium . “de frank”. Frank is also situated next to 'La Monnaie' where the old coins were once made. So let's be frank, that's their story.

Sweet Coffee in Coffeeshop

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