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Gust Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Brussels
Specialty Coffee Roasters


Pastoor Bolsstraat 3, 1652 Brussels, Belgium

Pastoor Bolsstraat 3, 1652 Alsemberg (Roastery)
Gust Coffee Roasters is a Belgian micro-coffee roastery in the south of Brussels. When a few years ago, Tanguy discovered specialty coffee and the multitude of amazing different flavour notes a coffee origin can contain, it literally started haunting him. In 2020 he decided to start roasting his own coffees and go back to the values that were really important for him, being: real. honest. craftsmanship. But searching for the most outstanding single-origins is one thing, he didn't want it to be at any price. Besides the quality, he wants to find coffees from ethical and sustainable origins and with a minimum of intermediaries across the coffee supply chain. Cause that's what makes great coffee really special.
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