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Kaveri Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Berkeley
Specialty Coffee Roaster

Kaveri (kah-ve-ri) Coffee Works is a third generation family business specializing in high quality Indian coffee. They are proud to share their heritage - truly traceable Arabica coffee, sourced from the highlands of South India. The age-old traditions of quality, authenticity and dedication still hold strong today. Their coffees are carefully selected from farms across India and delicately roasted in small batches in Berkeley, California. They strive to showcase the distinctive characters and flavor profiles of Indian coffee that are exclusively shade grown and hand picked, enhancing the intrinsic flavor in the bean.
They work with trusted partners who ensure quality of beans, fair/direct trade with growers, and sustainable business practices. The name Kaveri (a.k.a. Cauvery) comes from the third largest river in South India, rising in the lush forests of the Western Ghats and flowing 500 miles to the Bay of Bengal. With an extensive river basin, it is the life source of the three Southern Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which are also home to the traditional coffee growing regions. Historically, the river was steeped in cultural reverence. More recently however, it has been fraught with political disputes and hangs in delicate environmental balance. The name is a reminder of their roots and their ecological footprint. It is an opportunity to change the future course of the story and preserve their heritage for future generations. Their passion does not stop at just coffee, but expands to creating a community that cares about the planet, the people, and the cultures that encompass the world of coffee.
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