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R. de São Marçal 1 C, 1200-418 Lisbon

Specialty Coffee shop in Lisbon
Kaya, a place where every element finds its perfect place in harmony. Born from the collaboration of three friends, each with their unique background and expertise, Kaya is an ever-evolving space that embodies a fresh concept. It represents the best of cafes, sourcing diverse origins of coffee beans from small farms and roasting them locally in Lisbon.

What sets Kaya apart is their unwavering commitment to fair trade, ensuring that every step of the coffee-making process values the quality of the beans. They're on a constant journey of reinvention, reducing the use of industrialized ingredients to create delightful and wholesome offerings.

Kaya's kitchen is a testament to balance and seasonality, offering light, nutritious fare that can be savored at any time of day. Above all, Kaya is a place of comfort, safety, health, and well-being, inviting you to experience coffee and cuisine in a whole new light.
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