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Keen Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters made in Netherlands
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

Hyperonenweg 8, 3542 AG Utrecht

At Keen Coffee, they source unique beans, trade directly, and roast to order in small batches to bring better coffee to the final customer. Their goal is to uncover each cherry’s complex mix of flavours through the process of roasting.They roast light because that lets the
sweetness shine. And, they roast fresh because that keeps the flavour notes bright. Day in and day out, they work with coffee: testing and approving roasting profiles, selecting new crops and roasting to perfection. At Keen Coffee they always search for the best coffees and the most unique flavours. They work directly with farmers, sampling their coffees through cuppings, selecting new crops, and supporting innovative projects to improve the quality of their coffees. Driven by innovation and obsessed with optimising coffee recipes, they roast on a Loring because it’s more efficient and improves the freshness of our beans. The Loring lets them be more precise with their roasting, it’s smoke free, and it’s more energy efficient. Better for the taste buds and the environment.
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