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La Cava Cakery

Specialty Coffee made in Barcelona
Specialty Coffee Shop

Pg. de Sant Joan, 111, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

It began in Barcelona in 2016 as a small pop-up store, in November 2018 it became “La Cava Cakery” shop, with the idea of matching Cava, the Catalan sparkling wine, with their cupcakes. It’s a family business and a true team effort: the small, four-person group dedicates itself to sourcing and using only the finest ingredients and putting that special celebratory feeling into every single cupcake. Love and attention has been put into designing the flavours, look, and Brut Rosé and Brut Cava pairing of the cupcakes. Plus, they also consider a cup of rich specialty coffee a necessary luxury and they have carefully sourced the best Colombian beans (sourced by the Osorio family) to sip with their cupcakes.

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