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La Sosta Specialty Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Impruneta
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roasters

Via Guido Rossa, 14b - Loc. Cascine del Riccio 50023 Impruneta (FI), Italy
Its founder is Simone Guidi, born in 1987, Florentine. His passion for coffee was born by chance more than 10 years ago while he was working as bartender in a café in Florence. There a Cappuccino has been ordered during happy hour time. Having no idea of how a
Cappuccino needs to be served, he realized his big gap. From there, he started a process to fill this gap that brought him literally all around the world to create his know-how. From here the adventure starts: the last step (for now) was the opening of the roastery in June 2020
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