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Little Bean
Specialty Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Roasters

Via Francesco Baracca, 6, 27055 Rivanazzano PV, Italy

All began in 2013 when Andrea and Mariano, friends since forever, founded Little Been, a micro-roasting specialty coffee. But their lovestory with coffee is older: in 2005 9bar was born, the Independent Coffee Academy, a training center for baristas and professionals in the world of coffee. Two years later, they performed the first certification as AST trainers recognized by SCA. This first step, tied them both to this association, of which Andrea from 2009 to 2014 also holds the role of coordinator for Italy. Passion and professionalism reached over the years the right level to launch them into the roastery new adventure, creating their coffee to concretely spread the taste of their passion.
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