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Machina Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Machina Espresso - 2 Brougham Pl, W Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9HW, UK

Machina Coffee Roasters - Unit 9 Peffermill Park, 25 King's Haugh, Edinburgh EH16 5UY, UK

Machina was created by two people looking for their next creative challenge. One, (Steve), an ex DJ and A&R man (and coffee nerd) from the music industry, the other (Michael), a long time coffee industry professional with a background in training (and an apparent obsession for show singing). They met through a mutual friend, again through music and discovered that they both had a huge passion for equipment and sharing knowledge. From here Machina took on it's own momentum, which is an extraordinary story of people, coffee and lots of equipment (it actually started off as just equipment), on a path to becoming a specialty coffee roastery. They just needed to raise funds, and ideally do it without needing to bring in investors who would (no doubt) push them in a direction that they didn't want to go in. They had a vision, and the only way to ensure that actually happened, was to do it themselves.
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