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Nero Scuro Coffee
Specialty coffee Roasters made in Bassano Del Grappa
Specialty Coffee Roaster

It was founded on a simple concept: they never roast anything that does not excite them or that we would not be pleased to drink themselves. They want to be a true micro-roastery, distinguishing themselves in a market where the so-called “small” roasters nowadays take pride in processing a few thousand bags per year. Their coffee is their passion and the heart of the business: they import, roast and sell only what they consider to be the finest
coffees available. As a micro-roastery, the way they operate is both simple and rare: to roast no more than four kilograms per batch, and do this only after a customer has placed an order to ensure freshness and quality. All of it using a classic drum roaster, equipped with advanced temperature control systems to ensure that the results are consistent and repeatable.
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