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Ninth Street Espresso
Specialty Coffee Roasters in NYC
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

700 E. 9th Street NYC NY 10009

​341 E. 10th Street NYC NY 10009

​75 9th Avenue NYC NY 10011 (Chelsea Market)

​333 Douglass Street Brooklyn NY 11217

​425 W. 15th Street NYC NY 10011 (Ninth Street Roasting)

In the beginning, they worked closely with specialty coffee roasters. Eventually, their pursuit of quality and consistency at the espresso bar drove them to the roasting room. In 2013 they started sourcing coffee with their friends at Daterra and Fincas Mierisch, roasting at the Pulley Collective in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Their selection and roasting processes are extensions of the belief that quality can be simple and accessible to everyone. In 2016 they opened the doors to their roasting facility at the Chelsea Market, where they roast on a Loring S15 Falcon.
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