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Now or Never Coffee
Specialty coffee in NYC
Specialty Coffee Shop

30 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
The winter of 2014, Sehwan, founder of Now or Never Coffee, quit his corporate finance job to find his passion. He wandered like a child who was lost. One day, he brought his laptop to a coffee shop in Astoria, New York, thinking he would job search, and unexpectedly encountered his first experience with specialty coffee, a delicious macchiato. It was love at first sight with the macchiato, so he decided to explore a job at the same coffee shop starting from the ground.  Eventually, his curiosity and love for specialty coffee led him to join the Blue Bottle Coffee in the Summer of 2015. There, he experienced the coffee magic and dreamed of opening his own coffee spot. While working at Blue Bottle Coffee, Sehwan met an awesome barista and children’s book author, David O’nyon. David shared how he realized his passion of writing his first children’s book by using his credit card to publish his first book called “The Seventh Star.’ David became Sehwan’s inspiration.  Sehwan was in the process of realizing his idea of a mobile coffee cart that he could bring to companies to directly visit speciality coffee lovers, and the Beakers Coffee Lab was born in 2017. Now or Never Coffee was born two years later. From 2017 to 2019, Sehwan continued to brainstorm and experiment with a variety of concepts to make one’s coffee journey unique and special through the Beakers Coffee Lab.  On April 17th, he officially opened the Now or Never Coffee.  Since opening, it has been their mission to nurture a space and playground for their customers to play with, show, teach, and sell one’s passion to embrace and celebrate now or never moments. That is why they call themselves the Now or Never Coffee.
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