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Ohm Coffee Roasters

Specialty Coffee Roasters in Napa
Specialty Coffee Roasters

Napa, CA.

Derek Bromley, the founder, is a lifelong “foodie” with gigs as diverse as sommelier, dot-com founder, wine group Chief Marketing Officer, consultant, and lead guitarist. This guy eventually caved to his first love (coffee) and launched a roastery to up the game of the North Bay coffee scene.
A Blue Bottle cappuccino around 2004 redefined for him what a quality cup of coffee could be. From there it became a complete immersion into the world of specialty coffee, borrowing much from his wine and hospitality experience, culminating with the concept for Ohm Coffee Roasters. As other “Third Wave” roasters formed a movement driven by equal parts quality obsession and a lighter roasting style to accentuate origin, Derek saw similar trends to his time in the wine business. Ohm's roasts strive for the best of both worlds (the light roast and the dark one): enough roast time to fully develop the natural sugars present in the bean, but not so much as to overshadow each bean's origin character. They’ve got a truck that serves a variety of events, farmers markets, and office parks.
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