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Ovenbird Coffee Roasters
Specialty coffee roasters in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Ovenbird Coffee Roasters - unit 1, Block F 30 Glenwood Place Glenwood Business Park, Glasgow G45 9UH

The Vault - Ovenbird Coffee - 32 Clarkston Rd, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EH

At Ovenbird Coffee Roasters, they practice self-care: bland coffee has no place in their daily ritual. Slugging back instant is effective but not as delicious. They demand coffee with flavour, freshness and complexity all the components that made them love the stuff in the first place. Davide and the flock of ovenbirds - all humans - have a project. They aim to provide artisan coffee that is accessible and approachable. They want their coffee to taste great in all environments; from state-of-the-art espresso machines to simple homebrew devices. To achieve this, they use a mix of traditional methods and progressive ideas, roasting without computers and experimenting with new and exciting flavour profiles. More 'bright' than 'big'. More taste than strength. More natural than instagrammable (though they are suckers for a photogenic cup). They also make some cracking whisky coffee. Their beans are ethically sourced from farms in east Africa and Central-South America, and they choose growers who share their enthusiasm. Once they become their partners, they build long-lasting relationships with them. To put it simplee, Ovenbird began with a shared idea: to make outstanding coffee for outstanding people.
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