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Pardon Brussels
Specialty Coffee in Brussels
Specialty Coffee Shop

Rue de Moscou 36, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium

Robert and Marla are above all great gourmets curious about everything. Robert worked in restoration in France before immersing himself in painting for fifteen years.
In Belgium, he trained as a barista, then enriched his cooking experience. Marla was a journalist for almost a decade. A foray into food artisans opened up new perspectives to the incredible opportunities offered by the restaurant industry. She chose Brussels to train herself as a barista. They therefore decided to combine their respective skills in the development of original recipes, in salty, sweet, drinks and dishes, to create Pardon Brussels. Their common desire to share culinary experiences and constantly discover new food and drink pairings makes Pardon a place that combines conviviality and gastronomy. They use a selection of high quality products as raw materials, plus natural wines, artisan beers, and specialty coffee both as blends and as single origins.

Sweet Coffee in Coffeeshop

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