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Probador Colectiva
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Istanbul
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster


Probador Collectiva - Firuzağa, Kadiriler Ykş. No:69, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Probador Colectiva is a project focusing solely on specialty coffee production and education. The creator of the project is Cagatay Gulabioglu, authorized SCA trainer (AST) and Q grader, is the founder of the first specialty coffee shop in Turkey, Kronotrop. Mr. Gulabioglu is which both are globally accepted quality and trainer certifications. Probador Colectiva aims to contribute to the specialty coffee sector in Turkey -  which has gained pace in recent years but still has more room to be developed and many gaps to be filled – by doing ethical trade, enabling good agricultural green/roasted coffees to be accessible by everyone and providing coffee education/consultancy.
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