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Rabbit Hole Roasters
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Montreal, Canada
Coffee Roaster

36 boul Marie-Victorin Delson, Quebec J5B 1A9
Rabbit Hole Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They say that they know very little about coffee, and they are okay with that. That's one of the reasons they called the company Rabbit Hole. It's because they want to dive infinitely deep in all thing’s coffee, from sustainability to tasting notes, from equality across the chain to brew ratios, etc. They are trying to create a company where there is no gatekeeping, where all drinkers are welcomed and where any questions can be asked. Behind Rabbit Hole Roasters, there are Sophie & David, just two young entrepreneurs with a passion and a dream of a different company. They started out at the beginning of 2019 by renting time on a roaster and now since August 2020 they have opened their own roastery in Delson, Quebec. Having their "why" resumed in one sentence is hard, necessary, and often times evolving. It becomes clearer every day now. They aim to go beyond coffee. They want to focus on tasty coffees and emerging origins, while making sure that every decision they take will improve social justice, fight systemic racism, and impact our planet as little as possible.
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