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Silo Coffee
Specialty Coffee Shop

Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin, Germany
specialty coffee in Berlin
All the specialty coffee used at Silo is selected and roasted by their own roastery, Fjord Coffee Roasters. Fjord source high quality coffees that far exceed 'Fair Trade' prices. Developing strong economically sustainable relationships between producers and the coffee drink is a major focus for Fjord, and they only work with coffee suppliers who have shown a strong initiative towards creating fair and mutually beneficial relationships with coffee producers and farmers. All the milk they use with coffee is organic, and they work with many local producers who show dedication to producing top quality produce (Sironi - il Pane di Milano, Eiland Grimme Biodynamic Eggs, Ökodorf Brodowin…) to produce their scrumptiuos brunch.
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