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Skye Coffee Co
Specialty Coffee made in Barcelona
Specialty Coffee Shop

Carrer de Pamplona, 88, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Fusing a passion for design with the love for coffee, Skye Coffee co. offers something truly unique to Barcelona: a calm and meditative meeting place in which to retreat, unwind and find inspiration. Established in 2014 as both a design project and an attempt to introduce specialty coffee to Barcelona, it now stands as a leading figure in the city’s thriving coffee scene. Serving coffee from a converted 1972 Citoën HY housed in the multi-disciplinary and metamorphic Espacio 88 – created and managed by Architecture and Design firm Castel Veciana – Skye Coffee co. functions as an epicenter for the professional creative community of Barcelona’s Poblenou district, through hosting pop-up brunches, exhibitions, the Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival, and offering a meditative meeting-place to find inspiration and caffeine.
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