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Tram Depot
Specialty Coffee made in Rome
Specialty Coffee Shop

via Marmorata 13, 00153 Roma (Testaccio), Latium Italy

Via Corrado Alvaro, 37, 00137 Roma (Talenti), Latium Italy

There is a place, in the shade of the trees of a small park, that has come to life. It is located at the crossroads of roads that lead to important places: via Galvani with its restaurants and clubs, via Marmorata, which along the tram line connects the Pyramid with Porta Portese and via Manlio Gelsomini that crossing the left side of the aventino leads straight to the Circus Maximus.
This is Tram Depot, a gourmet kiosk refurbished with clean and functional lines and with the retro taste of Rome's historic trams. It offers street food, specialty coffee and cocktails, plus moments of relaxation in the garden, to rediscover the meeting and exchange point of the past.
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