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Wolføx - Organic Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Shop in Brighton and Hove

WOLFOX LAB - 109 Western Road, Hove

WOLFOX Orient Express - Kiosk at Brighton Station

WOLFOX Health Cafe - 47 Gardner Street, Brighton

WOLFOX Prestonville - 10 Circus Parade, Brighton

WOLFOX CHAPTERS - 27 Preston Street, Brighton

WOLFOX AVENUE - 56-58 St James Street, Brighton

WOLFOX BROADWAY - 38-40 The Broadway, Haywards Heath

WOLFOX LEEDS - 66 Wellington Street, Leeds

BROD+WOLF - 106 Western Road, Hove

BROD+WOLF - 123 Church Road, Hove

Design, style, environment, the constant desire to exalt tradition and innovation. With this in the heart, Fabio Lauro founded Wolfox Coffee Roasters in 2017, obsessed with details and pioneering advance coffee profiles. They see specialty coffee a part of their culture and everyday life. It’s not just a beverage, but a social ritual. People come together over coffee. They discuss current events, new ideas, and past history, all over a cup of coffee. In this competitive and complicated world, often driven by quantity rather than quality, they like to keep things simple, being all about an enjoyable coffee experience which is achieved through some basic principles: taste, quality, sustainability and organic.

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